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Course Structure & Evaluation

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Each lesson/module ends with a questionnaire. The lessons within a course are all sequential, with prerequisites.

Modular structure

Each course includes a number of lessons/Modules. Each module is made up a number of sections/units.

Encouraging Evaluation

A score of at least 60% is mandatory to gain access to the next lesson. An overall score of at least 60% is mandatory to successfully complete a course


A certificate is automatically issued at the successful end of each course

Why a Bible Course

  • A Bible Course as ours offers the opportunity for an in depth look into the Scriptures on basic Christian doctrines.
  • A Bible Course like this one will enable you to acquire the complete mind of God through a thorough search of Scriptures.
  • This Bible Course does not only aim at giving you an intellectual knowledge of basic doctrines of the Christian life but will also lead you to personalize the teachings and apply them on a daily basis.
  • Ultimately, these studies will help you enter into a personal experience of the life of God and then into the full inheritance reserved for His children.

Our Objectives

Through this online initiative, we aim at setting up a worldwide network through which the 14 books of The Christian Way Series, authored by professor Zacharias Tanee Fomum are going to be taught in a consistent and sustained way through eLearning.


We want to make up for lost time, with easy global accessibility for every human being, and thereby reach more people with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, in the shortest possible time.



It should be noted that the course is absolutely FREE and open to all.