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The Way of Obedience
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When someone has passed from death unto life in the Lord Jesus, the next thing that he should do is to get baptized. That is at least what the various examples drawn from the Bible teach us. Throughout this course, we will say nothing other than what the Bible says about this topic, for God’s word is the final authority on the matter. The psalmist says: “thou hast commanded thy precepts to be kept diligently” (Psalm 119: 4). We insist on the fact that what the Bible teaches on baptism is simple and complete and that none of its prescriptions on this subject should be sub­ject to any personal interpretation. We are going to see under the heading “Practical issues of water baptism”, some examples of this baptism in the Bible, and under a second heading, “The spiritual signification of water baptism”; we will state the meaning that the Bible gives of water baptism.

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