A servant (ZT Fomum)


“A servant is the person who serves. He just goes ahead and serves. He has forgotten himself. He provides his own equipment for his service. He gets the things he needs to serve with.

Before I knew God enough to hate sin, my relationship with my father was my protection. I stayed away from certain sins because I wanted to be pleasing to him. I just wanted to please him. I enjoyed serving him. I also served my superiors. Even after my doctorate, the next twenty publications carried the name of my supervisor as one of the co-authors. Do not be the local almighty.

Paul could say, “Timothy, I do not have anyone like you.” If you don’t become like a servant and serve, you are eliminated. You cannot escape it.”

Excerpt From: Zacharias Tanee Fomum. “Victorious Dispositions.” ZTF Books Online, 2015.