Welcome To Our Online Bible Course!


We are happy for the interest that this course has raised in your heart.

The goal of the teaching on the basic doctrines of the Christian life is to

  • help you find the LORD Jesus,
  • know HIM,
  • love HIM and
  • serve HIM.

These are teachings found in the 14 books of a series called “The Christian Way”, by Pr. Zacharias TANNEE FOMUM. The first two courses comprise ten lessons elaborated from The Way of Life and The Way of Obedience”. Each lesson ends with a multiple choice quiz, for which the student is expected to score at least 60% in order to move on to the next lesson in the course. A certificate is issued upon a successful completion of all the lesson in a given course.

Every student is assigned to an instructor at registration. Moreover, you are automatically granted access to the first lesson of the first course at registration.

As you begin, we encourage you to go till the end. We recommend that you should have a Bible (in case you don’t  yet have), to continuously read it and verify the Biblical truths of what you are being taught. If you don’t do it, this course might be of mild usefulness to you. Our quotations are made from the New International Version (NIV) of the Bible.

Our prayer is that at the end of these lessons, you should enter into a living personal relationship with Jesus, and so, begin to really live.

May God abundantly bless you.


Vice Principal,

School of Knowing and Serving God